Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is Business Life Water?

Not long ago, I had an opportunity to be interviewed by a multinational technology company that I have longed to belong over 2years now. During the interview session, I stated clearly that one of the reasons why I want to join them is because the company deals in the most expensive commodity in the 21st Century.

After watching and becoming a fun of “24”- an American action drama series, which depicts how US government fights domestic terrorist’s plots, I came to the realization that what always made the security services reach their targets is access to reliable information. I think information is the most expensive commodity in the 21st Century. And I also believe that, like water, information is the life of all businesses regardless its objective.

Every living thing depends on water for survival. Even desert animals need water to survive. Most of these animals do not need to drink water but obtain sufficient moisture from their foods. Some desert animals are specifically shaped to collect water. For example, the thorny devil in Australia is covered in sharp spikes which actually collect the moisture that condenses in the early morning and channels it directly down toward its mouth. According to scientist, our body is 65% water, so if you weigh 100 pounds, 65 pounds of you is water. By discovering water ice layers on Mars, NASA believes potential life on Mars. These prove beyond doubt that water is life, but is business life water?

Businesses depend on information for decision making in other to survive and grow to meet their targets. Either good or bad decision, it’s always based on the information available. Just as sufficient water is needed for healthy growth, sufficient information is also needed for business to succeed and grow. Indeed, many businesses fail due to lack of correct, timely, complete and relevant information than from any other single cause.

Like dirty water, incorrect information is poisonous to business survival. Correct information which comes too late is useless to business survival like clean water arriving after the death of the thirst. Correct, timely information which is incomplete is as disastrous for business survival like hot water as a drink. Irrelevant information is useless to business survival just like ice cube for the thirst.

Thriving to survive and surviving businesses boils down to the four factors identified. I think one of the objectives of the company I wish to belong is for businesses to have access to Correct, Timely, Complete and Relevant Information which is clean and sufficient water to quench your thirst at the right time.

© Harry Tetteh

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