Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling The Cloud?

I recall my first experience with the internet in year 2000 when I didn’t know what to really do online after all my curiosity and eagerness to experience the internet cafe which was about 10 kilometres from my school. From that time till today, there hasn’t been any single online time for me without trying to learn a new thing on the internet. Just like recently, I have been following the new metaphor in the computing world, “Cloud Computing Technology”.

Speaking at Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Larry Ellison said that the computer industry is more fashion-driven than women's fashion and cloud computing is simply the latest fashion. Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer used “the cloud” more than 3 times in his opening address at the 2009 Consumer Electronic Association (CES) tradeshow, referring to internet. Many technology executives including Christophe Bisciglia - Senior Software Engineer at Google, Marie Hattar - Cisco’s Vice President of Network Systems and Security Solutions, are dancing to the tune of cloud computing recently.

“Cloud” in IT generally refers to the Internet and I think it evolved from the cloud-like symbols in the network topology or diagram which is used to reduce an entire network communication into points of entry and exit. Basically, the cloud symbol represents a communication network without specific details of its architecture. The cloud technology enables resources to be provided as service on the internet, which is popularly known as Software As A Service (SAAS).

Internet companies such as Google and Amazon are working hard to offer more web services for all internet users. At 2009 CES, Steve Ballmer said “Microsoft is transforming what Windows is, from a Personal Computer (PC) operating system to a connected platform and experience across the PC, phones, TV and the cloud”. Microsoft says it’s Software-Plus-a-Service.

I am always thrilled to hear about new innovations in IT and its impact on the global economy. I believe one of the purpose of cloud computing is to be able to reach all customers in any part of the world. But the question is “are we all feeling the cloud?” Or “are we all connected to the internet?”

During this leap forward are the proliferation of high-speed internet connection, cheaper and more powerful chips and drives and the construction of data centres that houses thousand of computers. Seems like it’s time to build an infrastructure for the 21st Century where broadband value of speed and price would be a national innovational policy for most countries if not all.

© Harry Tetteh

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